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Default Oracle 11g online training | Online Oracle 11g Training in usa, uk, Canada, Malaysia,

Oracle 11g Online Training 11g is Enterprise Edition comes with an Oracle RAC,which allows just one database to operate across numerous machines.Oracle 11g Online Training It has large number of benefits, the majority of that is fault-tolerance and scalability. If you like for more information about RAC, Metered Facilities Management Faster Launch course and a RAC could be significantly advantageous.

Oracle 11g Technology:
Applying data modeling techniques
Oracle database tools: SQL Developer and SQL*Plus
Database Installation and Administration
Assessing the Oracle database architecture
Defining memory structures, processes and SGA
Establishing a storage framework
Managing Oracle databases
Configuring Oracle Database 11g
Working with Oracle SQL Developer
Accessing and Manipulating Data
Retrieving data efficiently with SQL Developer
Selecting, restricting and ordering data
Avoiding pitfalls in null values
Exploiting built-in SQL functions
Applying powerful SQL techniques
Joins, outer joins and ANSI joins
Grouping data and applying aggregate functions
Combining result sets with set operators
Comparing simple and correlated subqueries
Modifying data with SQL statements
Inserting, updating, deleting and merging data
Controlling transactions with ROLLBACK and COMMIT
Creating and Managing Database Objects
Implementing the physical design
Mapping logical model to physical design
Creating users and schemas
Constructing and maintaining tables
Altering and dropping columns
Restoring data with Flashback and the recycle bin
Building views, sequences and synonyms
Filtering data with views
Generating unique IDs with sequences
Streamlining access to objects with synonyms
Maintaining Integrity, Security and Performance
Enforcing integrity
Implementing referential integrity with primary, unique and foreign keys
Managing transactions and data with deferred and enforced constraints
Securing the data
Authenticating users with password aging
Controlling access with system and object privileges
Simplifying privilege management with roles
Improving performance
Guidelines for creating indexes
Indexing the data for optimal access
Managing unique, nonunique and composite indexes
Programming with PL/SQL
Writing basic programs
Controlling logic with IF and CASE statements
Performing iterations with WHILE and FOR LOOPs
Defining and managing PL/SQL records
Trapping errors with exception handlers
Processing data with cursors
Declaring cursors to perform row-level operations
Passing parameters to cursors to increase flexibility
Simplifying cursors with FOR LOOPs
Improving performance with CURRENT OF or ROWID
Implementing Server-Side Logic
Modularizing code
Constructing procedures and functions
Debugging programs with DBMS_OUTPUT
Creating packages and triggers
Bundling subprograms in packages
Defining statement and row-level triggers
Governing triggers with conditional predicates
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Default Re: Oracle 11g online training | Online Oracle 11g Training in usa, uk, Canada, Malay

Do you have any hadoop or solr training?
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